Hi there, as might already be clear, I’m Bart. I’ve worked and lived in the academic world for more than 15 years. I got my PhD. in 2005, worked in neuroscience and education for a long time until I started my own company in 2014.

Looking back with gratitude, I’ve learned a lot during my years in the world of science, also about how I don’t want my life to be anymore. After some intense years filled with changes, the end of 2013 gave me one of the best and also most challenging things in my life: an invitation to reinvent myself disguised as a burnout. A new intense period followed in which I discovered that I actually controlled way less things than I thought at that time. Learning to truly connect with my own nature again, and connecting with others from there provided me with a lot of new insights, and ever since I’ve been working on this proces.

This has brought me closer to myself than I’ve ever been and also led to the start of my own company in which I help people who also face changes in their lives and don’t know how to deal with that to reconnect and get back to their own nature.