Are you feeling disbalanced?
Lost connection?
Looking for someone to help you reconnect to yourself again?
Someone that will provide you with a safe space?
Ask you the questions nobody else does?
Take you outside of your comfort zone?
And help you grow back to yourself again?

Let’s talk about how I can help you be you again!

What are we going to do? During a period of 3 months I’ll be guiding you back to yourself. We’ll make at least 6 (approx. 1.5 hour) intensive walks outside. During these walks we’ll talk and listen, work on your connection, and create clarity about the patterns that are preventing you to grow. The walks will also result in challenges and homework that you will work on during the periods between the walks.

In between the walks I’ll be there for you too. You can reach me anytime with your questions. After these 3 months you will have acquired a lot of new insights into your old patterns and you’ll have created enough connection with yourself again to step into a new phase of your life!

Bart Scholtissen – Change & Development | T: +31 6 11018042 | E: