Back To Your Nature / Wim Hof Method sessions in the Netherlands **NEW DATES**

Dr. Bart Scholtissen is back at the barefoot park for some cool BACK TO YOUR NATURE sessions!

What can you expect during a day? We work on improving your connection with yourself in a safe and down-to-earth way. It may sound a bit vague, but it certainly isn’t. In these busy times, many people are only concerned with meeting expectations and caring for others. We often forget to take good care of ourselves. And that is exactly what we will work on during the session.

So a it’ll be a day for yourself. A day in which you work on your mindset and discover that you are capable of more than you may have thought. During this day we will do some nice connecting exercises, and of course there will also be a deep breathing session.
According to Bart (and many others), breathwork is one of the best ways to improve your connection with yourself. The breathing session is partly inspired by the breathing techniques of Wim Hof, the iceman. After all, it is not without reason that Bart has been one of his international chief instructors for 6 years. Of course, explanation is also given about breathing and which techniques are best used in different situations.
And the icing on the cake is of course the ice bath! At least 100kg of ice awaits you to give your body an energy boost and challenge your mind to leave your comfort zone and grow again!
In short, it promises to be a beautiful day. Until then!

New dates:
– April 9th
– May 28th
– September 17th
– November 12th

Check the link to secure your spot. Limited spots available on all sessions.

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Wim Hof Method meets Stand Up Paddle

Join Wieneke van der Aa and me on a unique experience where we take you out into nature on a SUP board to reconnect you with your own nature! During this day we will teach you basic and more advanced SUP techniques, AND teach you all about the Wim Hof Method. We will paddle out into nature, find some beautiful places to connect, breathe and be! So don’t worry if you’ve never paddled before, we’ve got you covered. And also don’t worry if you know how to paddle, we’ve got you covered too.
The day also includes a cacao in the morning and a delicious vegan lunch in the afternoon.
When we return to the spot we started from there will be an icebath waiting for all of us that want to experience this mindset challenge. At the end of the day there’s enough time to reflect and chill at the waterside. It’s gonna be an epic day.

Check the link to secure your spot. Very limited spots available.

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Wim Hof Method sessions for your company or at your home

Are you interested in a more personal approach, or do you want to provide your employees with the ultimate team building experience?
So if you have a desire to create something even more special, something that’s beyond a regular Wim Hof Method session? Ranging from intimate 1 on 1 sessions, to big company training, to multiple day experiences: it’s all possible.

Let’s get in touch and let me create something cool for you!
With years of experience in the Wim Hof Method, and being one of the 6 international Wim Hof Method Academy instructors training new instructors with the Iceman himself you are at the right spot for something special.

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